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Tamara Young, Public Relations, Media Planning, Sponsorship Procurement, Event Styling Professional

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1-On-1 Private Coffee Break With A PR Pro

Thursday, October 6, 2011

About Tamara Young

Michigan native, part-time Yorker, educated in Radio, TV., Film / PR & English at the private and prestigious Spelman College; Clark Atlanta and Wayne State Universities ~ Young is enjoying a deliciously uncommon career. A prolific, award-winning NYC copywriter for Kraft Foods, AT&T, Lincoln Mercury and Ford, Tamara Young is also a highly regarded Tastemaker & Travelista ~ A celebrated on-air personality, journalist and author. She's contributed her expert point-of-views on culinary and fine living trends to Woman's Day and Gourmet magazines; frequently appearing as a Product Expert on NBC, ABC and FOX ~ spiking each segment with her bubbly effervescence.

Young cut her teeth in the highly competitive PR world, wrangling AT&T as a first client at the age of 23, later writing the industry goliath's advertising copy through Uniworld Advertising agency. A highly sought-after, public relations practitioner and event planner, her clients and hundreds of Fortune 500 sponsors have ranged from GM, Oppenheimer Funds and Fifth Third Bank ~ to Mercedes, Macy's, Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, Dior and more. Tamara has worked on behalf of countless celebrities interests, including: Superstar Performer, Usher; Acclaimed Movie Star, Danny Glover; Legendary Actors Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee; Boxer, Sugar Shane Mosely and Actor, Singer, Model,Queen Latifah; to name a few.

And, for nearly a decade she's crafted "Deliciously Uncommon, Mouthwatering Cuisine-Themed Showcases," peppered with panache and enchanting fare ~ accented organically, by dashes of marvelously unimaginable decor. Her waterfront soirees and televised 'Tastes & Tours'-branded showcases have attracted thousands of food aficionados, most notably those debuting at exclusive Neiman Marcus, and other extravagant public spaces including, Detroit's Symphony Orchestra and Detroit and Atlanta's famed Fox Theatres.

A third-generation entrepreneur, Tamara also leverages her time and bankability combining a passion for entrepreneurship, as a million-dollar-earning, extensively quoted MLM professional and a gifted motivational speaker. As spokesperson and trainer, she coaches international networkers for highly competitive, billion-dollar health & wellness companies who seek her more-than-a-decade of expertise to help introduce their products to the world. (Evolv, Monavie, Tahitian Noni International, Xyngular and currently Organo Gold.

Unlike Julia Childs, Tamara is a self-taught, non-professional chef ~ though this grand-daughter of a gourmet grocer has captivated and influenced audiences from Michigan to Monaco. Her insatiable, impeccable culinary expertise and coastal seeking sensibilities, make her a formidable force with a sensational television presence.The Tastemaker & Travelista coasts the globe in search of the 'Next Best Thing' and boasts enchanting the likes of legendary Chef, Wolfgang Puck and Food Network's Ina Garten, along the way. (Read Travel Blogs)

When the Travelista isn't parasailing or stroking stingrays, she's generously rooted in Detroit where she savors serenity as a soil addict, captivating her husband of 14-yrs., and spoiling their four-legged son, a persnickety rescued rottie, who favors mommy's homemade key lime graham cracker gelato. Tamara's humanitarian efforts extend even beyond Animal Rescue / Abuse Prevention Organizations, including ASPCA ~ to ~ Community Shelters and Feeding Programs (Share Our Strength); Historical Architectural and Landmark Gardening Preservation Societies. 

Young continues to marry her genius knack for event planning, consent engineering, hosting and writing ~ with brilliant offerings, backed by her growing fan base, representative of remarkable purchasing power. She's expanding her brand and consumer base by seeking a network, destination programming deal. Her great taste also lends itself to self-publishing "Living Deliciously ~ Deliciously Uncommon Tastes & Tours Tips," Delectable Series of Bite-Sized Books ~ and a gorgeous Celebrity Recipe Collaborative Travelogue and Photo Memoir ~ 2014. Visit to pre-order and to take a congenial sip or two. Follow Young on Twitter and Like On Facebook to learn more about upcoming,international culinary competitions created to put food banks on the font burner while rewarding food fans everywhere.

To book Young, contact Becky Zimmermann, at 810.310.6664.